Changing the perspective

Shedding the layers

Just as a snake sheds its skin,

we must shed our past over and over again.



Random reflections from and about my journey. Part my diary, part keeping in touch with everyone left behind. New readers also welcome!

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Sometimes a picture complements the words. Sometimes it replaces them. I actually often express myself better with photos than words.

This gallery is a mix of images that relate to the blog and others that live on their own.


People, events, books, articles, images and else that inspire me.

Also more information about and links to the projects I will work on while travelling around. (coming soon)

Going with the flow

So what are refugees like?

One question that I had been, in one form or another, asked most often by friends and acquaintances during the last few months, is this one: “So, what kind of people are refugees?” Sometimes it comes in a more positive form already, perhaps: “Did you meet any nice people in the refugee camp?” If peopleContinue reading “So what are refugees like?”

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Born in Slovenia almost half a century ago, last permanent address in Brussels, currently wandering around the world on my sabbatical year.

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